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    Strike and Pocket is a professional Carrom Training and E-Commerce web store. The origins of carrom can be traced far back in the post-world war 1 era where the carrom board was first introduced in the Indian subcontinent. The game was introduced as a casual indoor game and later on gained worldwide audience and recognition through Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore etc..

    Carrom boards come in various varieties and designs but the original length and width of the board varies on individual preference and playing style. The first carrom board was made from a glass surface and was found in the palace of Patiala, Punjab. The glass surface got chipped and worn out and had to be replaced with a natural material, which is why the wooden boards were introduced in the late 1900’s.

    Carrom in 2019 is global sports event which will soon be recognized for international level championship tournaments across the world. The ICF (International Carrom Federation) which was formed in india around 1988 has taken steps to ensure that the game of Carrom will soon have interstate and cross country events with grand prize money and sponsorships.

    Strike and Pocket is a pioneer organization which focuses on disciplined training of Carrom through its youtube audience which has crossed the 130k subscribers mark and has been recognized as the best online training center for various strike moves and finger placements for trick shots across the fraternity of professional Carrom connoisseurs.

    The Strike and Pocket web store focuses on providing its consumers with original and premium grade products related to the sport of Carrom. The assortment of products sold across the web store includes professional grade Carrom Boards, Strikers, Lampshades, Stands, Powders and other accessories.

    Strike and Pocket offers total online and offline support via telephone assistance, mails and messages. The safe and secure payment gateway allows for a hassle free purchase experience and the quick delivery feature of the store ensures you are provided regular updates till the package is received at your doorstep.

    “Follow your passion and achieve success through discipline and skill.”

    -          Strike and Pocket