Precise Champion A1 16MM Selected Ply

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  • Precise A-ONE Champion 16 MM

    • BrandsPrecise
    • Product Code: A-ONE Champion
    • Availability: Pre-Order

      • 6,299.00 Rs/-

      • 7,500.00 Rs/-

    Precise A-ONE Champion Carrom:

    Frame Size3"*2"
    Playing Area29"*29"
    Plywood Quality Indian Special Selected Ply
    Plywood Thickness16mm
    Ideal ForHome, Players & Tournament

    Manufactured as per the Standards of International Carrom Federation & All India Carrom Federation.

    A-ONE class of quality means top playing surface is made of Special Selected Natural Plywood. It also have same Super Satin Waterproof playing surface as in the above models but the difference is instead of original birch imported ply there are special selected natural plywood as a playing surface. In A-one class also we have selected best available plywood which is second only to birch plywood. We have given special and unique treatments so as to become playing surface as smooth and durable as our Elegant class of quality in very attractive price.

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