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  • Precise Elegant Carrom Pure Grade Powder 180gm

    • Product Code: Precise Elegant Carrom Powder
    • Availability: In Stock

      • 199.00 Rs/-

      • 210.00 Rs/-

    To impart smoothness on playing surface and to increase life of carrom playing surface carrom powder is recommended to use on playing surface before play. It contains a special mixture so it is not harsh and does not cause scratching or wear unlike normal talcum powder. The same powder is specially formulated for carrom boards. Carrom Powder which is pure Boric Acid powder are available in 180 gm packing. However in certain countries where boric powder is banned as a carrom powder due to health hazard, Potato Starch powder can also be supplied by us instead of boric powder as a carrom powder. Carrom powder should be kept moisture free. We supply pure carrom powder without any impurities or dust particles as any impurity in carrom powder will not let striker to move or deflect can be there which is not desirable for tournament quality carrom game. Disco carrom powder as available in the market should not be use on carrom boards as it is harmful for carrom playing surface.

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